A Don For Life

A Loyola Blakefield graduate is a Don for life. That means you take the learning, opportunities, leadership skills and spiritual growth you pick up here and apply it to your college, your career, your family, your community and the world for the rest of your life. It may sound like a tall order, but for our graduates it’s a very meaningful and natural thing.

Long-term transformation: being a man for others
A Jesuit education is an education of the mind and heart that grows richer every year, no matter which stage of life you’re in. So you will learn to be more compassionate, loving and dedicated to promoting justice in the world here at Loyola and carry it through long after you’ve graduated. We talk a lot about transformation. Not a transformation with a beginning, middle and an end, but one that keeps evolving.

Our connections span interests, passions and generations.
Part of being a Don for Life is keeping in touch with other Dons. Loyola Blakefield’s ongoing success owes a great deal to the graduates who stay connected through alumni functions and by teaching, coaching and serving on our Board of Trustees. And through family: many of our students have fathers, grandfathers, cousins and uncles who’ve attended Loyola Blakefield.

Joe Smith Class of 1939 "The friendships that I formed at Loyola carry on to this day and in my heart I will always be a Don."  
Tom Brennan Class of 2013 "I’m appreciative of my Loyola experience and treasure the sense of pride in being a Don."