As a member of the Jesuit Secondary Education Association, we believe in the power and necessity of diversity—to achieve a greater richness of ideas and to prepare our Dons to be leaders in an increasingly global community. We define diversity among our teachers and Dons in many ways: as differences in race, ethnicity and religious beliefs, but also in gender, learning styles and abilities, sexual orientation and socio-economic backgrounds.

Be yourself in a diverse community.

You are defined—and made a unique man for others—by how you think, learn, relate to others and approach challenges. Each young man has his own mind, body and spirit and at Loyola Blakefield we pay equal attention to nurturing all three—emphasizing the connection between academic excellence, athletic participation and aesthetic appreciation. 


Diversity and character

Gaining a greater appreciation for the rich variety of viewpoints and experiences of our human community is an essential part of becoming a man of integrity, a man who makes a mark on his community, a man for others. 

The Loyola Blakefield graduate grows beyond his own biases and personal prejudices. In a manner consistent with Catholic teaching, he comes to understand the enriching and liberating value of human variety, to embrace diversity and to cherish human differences.


Celebrating our differences

Each year we mark Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday with timely, inspirational messages from guest speakers and put that spirit into action with a special community service project. Our annual Multicultural Festival celebrates the different backgrounds of our students while feeding our curiosity and love for dishes from all over the world. 


Partners at Loyola Blakefield

Some of our younger middle school Dons may, because of language and cultural differences, need a little help becoming comfortable and confident enough to share their unique gifts and talents. Partners pairs them with mentoring upper school students and alumni for teambuilding activities from student vs. faculty/staff basketball games to Christmas food drives to leadership retreats.