Daily Bulletin


 -all who will celebrate birthdays during the summer


All library books are now overdue.  Please return all books to the main library or Sheridan Hall Reading Room as soon as possible.

Loyola's Spring 2016 Used Book Collection: Collection dates are Tuesday May 24th through Tuesday June 7th, from 9am to 1pm in Knott Hall. Books will also be collected in classrooms before the student 's exam.  Please write your name, and 2015-2016, in the front of your textbooks, or you will not recieve credit. Please contact Robin Duffy at robin_duffy@yahoo.com or Gladys Yumet at gyumet@gmail.com with questions.



KE Hardware

  • Hours would be 20-40 hours per week
  • Work to be split between some light manual labor and computer work
  • Manual labor to include moving inventory, yard work,maintenance, helping with packing and shipping, cutting of some table legs
  • Computer work - updating and editing products on the following 2 web sites www.kehardware.comand www.tablelegsonline.com
  • Knowledge with Excel and MS Office required; Photoshop or image editing
  • Pay rate to be $10 / hour, with some minor bonuses at the end of summer
  • Prefer to have existing (just graduating) seniors or rising seniors
  • Send resume to Ken Fitzgerald at ken@kehardware.com, plus available hours and any expected vacations / required days off



Grades 9, 10, 11:Summer at Blakefield is offering a three-day college bus tour to visit prominent colleges in the northeast. Space is  limited. Please see the Summer at Blakefield website for more information. 

Juniors: Teacher Recommendation Request Forms are OVERDUE! These RED forms need to be turned in to Mrs. Horgan ASAP.