Clubs & Activities


The anime club meets to discuss and watch anime.
Moderator: Ms. O'keiffe

Art for Others

Moderator: Ms. Petr

Bike Club

Moderators: Mr. Keeney II & Mr. Glorioso

Black Student Union

Moderator: Mr. Bowers

Blakefield Players

Moderator: Mr. Garretson


Moderator: Fr. Steggert

Car Club

The Gearheads are a group of students who meet twice a month to look at cars, learn how they work, get hands-on experience, or simply just talk about them. Once a month, we take a trip to an auto shop, a car show, or any other outing related to cars and trucks!
Meeting Schedule: Every other Wed., 3:05 p.m., Wheeler 104 Moderator: Mr. Jenkins


Moderator: Mr. Jarcewski

Climbing Club

Loyola Climbing Club meets weekly throughout the year at Earthtreks climbing center in Timonium. The club is open to middle school and upper school students. Bouldering and top-roping are the main disciplines focused on to ensure a life-long interest in an extremely active sport.
Meeting Schedule: Weekly, Earthtreks Climbing Center, Timonium Moderators: Mr. Keeney II & Mr. Glorioso

Culinary Club

Moderator: Ms. Warfield

CURA International

Moderators: Ms. Geremia & Ms. Philipp

Cyber Security

Moderator: Mr. Morrill

Dons 4Others

Moderator: Mr. Lankford

Engineering Club

Moderator: Fr. Steggert


Moderator: Mr. Bromwell

Forensics (Speech & Debate)

Moderator: Mr. Donovan


Moderator: Mr. Bromwell


Games Club is a group of students who assemble after school to play a variety of games including video games, Magic The Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons and more.  The club is open to all grades and occasionally shares a pizza or two! 
Meeting Schedule: Mon. & Wed., 3 - 4 p.m. Moderator: Mr. O'Kane


Moderator: Ms. Garefalakis

Integritas Committee

Moderator: Mr. Levering

Intramural Sports

(Soccer, Flag Football, Volleyball, Basketball)
Moderator: Mr. Lankford


Moderator: Mr. Baker

It's Academic

Moderator: Mr. Ford

Junior Classical League

National organization dedicated to having fun while appreciating and promoting the languages and cultures of Ancient Greece and Rome. We occasionally go to competitions and on field trips, both of which are optional.
Meeting Schedule: Mon., Wheeler 207 Moderator: Ms. Olson

Literary Magazine

Moderator: Mr. Flanigan

Liturgical Ensemble

Moderator: Mr. Ranalli


Moderator: Ms. Christ

Mock Trial

Moderator: Ms. Melanson

Model UN

Moderator: Ms. Manelski & Ms. Gentry

National Honor Society

Moderator: Mr. Durkin

National Junior Honor Society

Moderators: Mr. Jarcewski

Patriots' Club

Moderator: Ms. Kurtzman

Physics Club


Ping Pong

Open to all students regardless of previous experience or skill. Meetings consist of playing Ping Pong.
Meeting Schedule: Wed., 3:10 - 4:10 p.m. Moderator: Mr. Wise


Moderators: Ms. Pearson & Mr. Neito

Rock n Roll (Musicians' Club)

Open to any student at Loyola Blakefield who enjoys playing music. No experience is necessary. Bring your instrument.
Meeting Schedule: Thurs., 3-3:45, Bandroom- Sheridan Hall basement Moderators: Mr. Flanigan, Mr. Lobo & Mr. London

Senior Board

The group plans social activities for the upperclassmen. These activities include dances, music nights, and athletic events. The events sometimes serve as fundraisers towards charities. 
Meeting Schedule: Mon. After school Moderator: Ms. Breschi

Service Club

Moderator: Ms. Szczepaniak


Moderators: Mr. Ranalli & Ms. Jenkins

Sportsman's Assn.

Moderator: Mr. Katchko

Student Ambassadors & Leadership

Moderator: Mr. Brugh

Student Government Association

Moderator: Mr. Marinacci


Moderator: Ms. O'Connor

Young Democrats

The Young Democrats meet to discuss progressive issues and provide educational information for potential future democrats.
Meeting Schedule: Thurs., 3 p.m., Wheeler 102 Moderator: Ms. O'keiffe

Young Republicans

Moderator: Ms. Meyer