The Classroom Experience

The goal here is to become more than a better student. It’s to become a better person. That requires teachers who are passionate about recognizing our Dons as individuals with a diverse set of learning needs and styles. That means nurturing the mind, body and spirit of a young man with classroom experiences that provide our Dons with tons of opportunities to interact, engage and challenge themselves.

Well-rounded curriculum and young men.

Our Dons learn math, science, liberal arts, history and religion—in an environment that ties together subjects, real-world applications, life experiences and opportunities to provide service to others outside the classroom. Nothing is in a vacuum and everything is related. Our teachers are experts at guiding our young men to recognize the connection between what they learn and what they do, and teaching them the importance of applying their talents for the greater good.

Finding God and education in all things.

Part of a Don’s classroom experience is to seek a spiritual education outside the classroom. Our Campus Ministry Retreat Program—tailored for each grade level—gives our young men opportunities to reflect, work in teams, learn to be leaders and find God’s presence in nature and within themselves.