Campus Ministry

The Office of Campus Ministry is grounded in the conviction of St. Ignatius Loyola that God is to be found in all things. Our mission is to support the students of the Loyola community along their spiritual journey. To this end, Campus Ministry serves the community through retreats, liturgies and student groups.

: Every year at Loyola, the students go on a retreat which is held either on campus or off campus at one of the many retreat centers in the area. The focus of the retreats changes each year and covers a wide range of topics such as “Being a Better Don” to “Understanding Ignatian Leadership.” It is the goal of the retreat program that it will help the young men of Loyola become more religious and loving, two of the values of the Graduate at Graduation.

Liturgies: About once a month the entire school gathers for a liturgy or prayer service and many other events on campus are accompanied by the Eucharist. Students are encouraged to help in the planning and also to participate in all liturgies and prayer services. 

Daily Mass is celebrated every morning at 7:20 in the Chapel.