Application Process

Loyola Blakefield welcomes qualified applicants with a variety of talents, interests, and perspectives. We seek students who are motivated and enthusiastic about learning, and who will contribute to and benefit from a stimulating, rigorous college prep environment. In order to create a complete Admissions Application, use the following Application Checklist:

Schedule a Shadow Day: An important and necessary component in the admission process, a visit to our campus can be arranged online or by calling the Admissions Office at 443-841-3680, or 443-841-3682. Student interviews will occur during the Shadow Day visit. Parent interviews are not required; however, parent Q&A sessions with the Director of Admissions take place each day.

Complete the Appropriate Testing:

9th Grade Entrance Exam - Candidates for admission to Loyola’s 9th grade must take the High School Placement (HSPT) entrance exam.  The testing is offered at each of the Archdiocesan high schools, and students are encouraged to take the test at a site nearest their home. You can find a list of the test locations, dates and times using the Catholic Schools tab on the Archdiocese of Baltimore web site. Loyola Blakefield will administer the test on Saturday, December 12, 2015. Register for the test using the HSPT registration online form. The $40 cost of the test can be paid online as part of the registration

Sixth Grade Entrance Exam - the Independent Schools Entrance Exam (ISEE): Candidates for admission to Loyola’s 6th grade must take the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE). The testing is offered at a number of Baltimore area schools, and students may take the test at any time in the fall. You can find a list of the test locations, dates and times and well as the online registration form on the ERB web site. Test results must be received no later than January 15, 2016. Loyola Blakefield will administer the test on Saturday, December 5, 2015. Students who wish to take the test at Loyola Blakefield should contact the Admissions Office for further instructions.

Submit a “Request for Records” Form: In order for an applicant’s prior school to release his transcripts and standardized test results, parents must submit to the school Loyola’s “Request for Records” authorizing their release. This form must be signed by the parent and should be submitted to the applicant’s current school principal or counselor. Records must be received by January 1, 2016. Families with applicants attending an Archdiocesan school may use the Archdiocese of Baltimore Catholic High School Information Form available at the applicant’s school. Applicants from an AIMS school may use the AIMS Common Referral Form. 

Apply: Complete an online application and attach an essay from the applicant. There is a $50 application fee due for each applicant, rendered during the online application process. The deadline for applications is December 15, 2015 If you plan to submit an application after that date, please contact the Admissions Office. 

Murray Learning Services: Those applicants who wish to enroll in the Murray Learning Services Program should submit a Psycho-Educational Evaluation from an accredited psychologist or approved testing service dated no less than three years prior to the date of application. The testing must include, but not be limited to, an individually administered ability test (i.e. the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children) and individually administered achievement tests in reading (decoding and comprehension), spelling, written language and math. A school 504 Plan or Individual Education Plan (IEP), while informative, does not provide the same testing level of detail and, therefore, will not be considered in lieu of a full evaluation.

In addition, applicants must complete an application to the Murray Learning Services program and must meet with the Director, Mrs. Fran Finnegan.