Grades 6 through 12 through life...

Loyola Blakefield will prepare you to expand your notion of what you can learn and achieve, or even imagine achieving. As a Jesuit school, we combine the discipline of a challenging academic curriculum with educational experiences that integrate lessons outside the classroom. As a Don you'll get a sure footing in religion and history, math and science, English, languages and the arts, allowing you to learn to read more closely, think more carefully and write more clearly. Ours is a uniquely well-rounded education in which you'll learn to search for God in all things.


Our Educational Philosophy - Cura Personalis

The Loyola Blakefield educator knows and respects each student for the unique mind and heart that he
is. The core of our philosophy is the personal concern for the individual. We talk about it, we practice it
and we teach it.

Physical Education and Confidence Development

Meeting challenges and solving problems aren’t just reserved for the classroom. We stress physical education for grades 6 through 10 to nurture the healthy habit of teamwork, and a belief in the mutual benefits of an active body and mind. Through our intramural sports programs, you'll develop friendships, pride in accomplishment and confidence. Plus it’s fun.

Meet the Dons

Our ongoing video series takes a closer look into our students’ experiences at Loyola Blakefield.

Why a Loyola Blakefield education?


A love of learning. For life. As a graduating Don you'll be ready to do more than hang a diploma on the wall. You'll graduate prepared for more than an education at any of the top universities around the country. You'll walk out of here with an intense drive to explore every facet of what it means to feed your mind.  
Being Men for Others Finding big and little ways to serve others makes the idea of promoting justice in the world vital and concrete. Putting concern into action is an important part of the Christian faith, and part of what makes a Loyola Blakefield education unique.  
Spiritual Growth Spiritual life at Loyola Blakefield is expressed in school-wide liturgical celebrations and daily practice of the Gospel message. Our annual retreats, at every grade level, will nurture your ability to grow spiritually, form friendships and respect and value other religious cultures.